Soil Sistah's

"We Are Agricultural Entrepreneurs"






Soil Sistah's, a club of agricultural driven entrepreneurs, who commit to circulating our earnings amongst each other 1st, before we outsource to other businesses for goods and services. We guarantee quality products and services! This Sistahhood is one of a kind. Nothing is more enduring than support, referrals, guidance, and love from a Sistah.


Additionally, we promote each other's products and services. By meeting monthly, we are able to try each other's products and services, provide feedback, possible opportunities, and resources.


Lastly, we share knowledge and wisdom to empower and enhance each other holistically. We choose to build the soils we stand on. Our bond was birthed out of necessity! We are grateful for the struggles of the past and the cushion of each other as we make headway for our families and other women, in the future.



Our farmers market was located in Highland Hills, in Dallas, Texas. My Soil Sistah's and I were vendors. The farmers market was abruptly shut down in 2018. The market shut down exactly 1 year after starting. "What a damn disappointment. They didn't plan for the long haul? So, our urban dollars came and left just like that. No sustainability was required. With that said, there is a huge problem with allocating urban funding and philanthropy to people who are not qualified to overstand the culture of the groups that they're receiving funding for! I'm done trying to convenience anyone about what is needed." 


We, The Soil Sistah's, collectively felt unsupported and that the market managers did not mean "exactly" what they said about making sure that underserved communities had access to natural and organic produce & product. We were devastated. So, as a solution, we created "Black Market". We are the solution, period!


When the money runs out these do good philanthropist programming stops, regardless of how beneficial the program was. We learned that the organizations that come into our neighborhoods and receive urban funding self report and are NOT obligated to prove a plan of sustainability. 


To make a long story short, we rallied together, supported each other, made bulk orders of supply together and made money! The amazing part is, we all have very different personalities, lifestyles and even beliefs. But, that did not, will not ever stop us from being the best to each other and for each other. 


In a nutshell, we would love to expand our Sistahhood. Empower our movement to bring more dynamic women in, strategically! We want to expose our mission to empower our Soil Sistah's future success in her ag-related businesses. 


Soil Sistah's, we host 5 mandatory meetings annually. Quarterly, meetings are aimed at the growing seasons for winter, spring, summer, and fall, here in Dallas, Texas. The 5th meeting is our Sistahhood retreat, only Soil Sistah's may attend.


The retreats are 2 days & 1 night. We support each other's business: content, events, products, and services. New members must commit to all 5 meetings. The calendar is exclusive and will be shared upon acceptance.

Apply today! We will respond and schedule an interview. 

As a club, we do not discriminate. Regardless of race, color, religion, belief or creed, if you are passionate about your craft, intend to grow wholistically, started your own ag-related business and know exactly where you want to take your business, we want to support you too.

And, yes, men are interested and are welcome to apply for Soil Brotha membership. We encourage men to network and exchange resources in the same ways as Soil Sistah's

Annual Fee: $120.00  

Due Upon Acceptance 


New Soil Sistah's & Brotha's will receive an acceptance letter in the mail


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