MajorMelanin Events

  • After registering/scheduling your event, call 214-844-1740 to discuss the details. If possible have a few dates available. I update my calendar bi-weekly and usually have a 3-5 week waitlist! Availability is limited

    Expect a confirmation email after you and the event coordinator summarize your event details along with an invoice. You can expect to make a deposit of $75.00 for your event. The  deposit is non refundable; but, will decrese your balance in the amount of $75.00. 

    Example: If you owe $2200.00 - $75.00 deposit,  your remaining balance is $1925.00.

    You may cancel with a $75.00 cancelation fee at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. If a client must cancel the travel arrangements for the event & MajorMelanin's crew is traveling, over 50 miles, all cancelation fees will be the clients responsibility. The client will only be responsible for what the client approves.


    Example 1: If the client approves the request to have a generator and cancels the event, the client will be responsible for cancelation fees, if accplicable. 

    Example: Flight, hotel, car, passes, accessories, tools, rentals allocated for the event scheduled by a client will be the sole responsibility of the client to pay for or reimburse client authorized purchases.