Soil Is NOT the Same Thing as Dirt


Welcome. My name is MajorMelanin; and, I'm here to talk about soil versus dirt. Did you know that soil is an ecosystem of life and dirt has no or very little nutrient values? Additionally, you will probably be shocked to learn that in some cultures worldwide, the pregnant women actually consume a spoon full of soil daily, in place of a prenatal pill? Interesting huh? The soil is alive and it needs air, water and nutrients to grow. Yes, soil grows and dirt does not. Lastly, did you know that all farmers are livestock farmers, simply because of the trillions of organisms that live within the soil that must be cared for and fed in order to feed the plants and livestock living on top of the earth's surface. So many lifeforms call the soil their home. In the same ways that most fish need water, there is a whole world of life that need the soil. Cool huh? What you thinkin?

MajorMelanin is an animated indigenous farmer who INFLUENCES, consciously MOTIVATES & ENCOURAGES participants of all ages to engage in their environments. With a sense of urgency, MajorMelanin uses tangible case studies, testimonies and experiences to cultivate her audiences views on the essential needs of becoming one with nature and consuming a natural diet, as the only means to holistically improving their quality of life.

MajorMelanin works with Soil & Souls as a resilience leader who helps establish and motivate resilience hubs across the country. Check out Soil & Souls.