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Darciea Houston

"I have a passion for wholistic health & wellness, family empowerment, nutrition, farming, horticulture therapy and permaculture. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Paul Quinn College. My area of focus was health and wellness with an emphasis on nutrition. I have certifications in conversation coaching, horticulture, food handlers and international resilience training for permaculture.


While in undergrad, I participated in a few notable progress programs like the DukeImmerse at Duke University, Nicholas School of Environment and the Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program. Additionally, I was nominated and  won the 2014 National Black Caucus Regis Groff Award for leading social entrepreneurship. 

As a result, my mission is to "Inspire Healthy Habits" as a: health coach, motivational speaker, panelist, farmer, curriculum creator, teacher and manager of a few local farm-to-table markets. My vision is to wholistically empower individuals, encourage neighborhoods as they transform into communities."


"Inspire Healthy Habits"

Motivational Speaking
3 hr
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Darciea Houston Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple Magazine November 2017

DeSoto ISD Leadership Guest
Llaila O. Afrika

Holistic Health & Wellness Professor

Sickle Cell Awareness

Author, Advocate & Activist Slim

Queen Quet & Darciea Houston MN 2018

Queen Quet and I...At the People's Movement in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dick Gregory and Darciea Houston

This was a day to remember! Dick Gregory and I. I got an autographed book as well. Dallas, TX 2014

Horticulture Therapy

Inspiring, exploring, teaching and engaging a home school co-op.

Urban Buds

Urban Cut Flower Production

Darciea Houston Front Page

Front page of Dallas Examiner



Greg Myles

"Mrs. Houston has an earthy power and presence. She has an amzing prospective on life. It's true, she speaks with passion. I've witnessed a room spring into action as a result her encouraging words. Darciea is known for challenging the norm. Strong messages of experience are shared. She breaks things down."

Mr. Myles

Reverend Dele

I love being in the presence of Darciea Houston! Her raw honesty has a dab of sweetness that makes you eager to receive the medicine. She is also a sheer joy as a mentee --- responds promptly to requests and inspires team engagement. She is not afraid to explore uncharted territory, or share

her profound insights of the learning journey. You will enjoy working with her in whatever capacity she serves!

Rev Dele

Graham Dodds

"Darciea is a wonderful person - reliable and extremely hardworking. Always has a smile on her face and lights up the room. It's always a pleasure working a crowd with her."

Chef Graham

Tawndalaya Daroza

Major Melanin is everything we have been waiting on in a unsustainable socieity. She is running on finite resources and has came back down to Earth on a mission to restore, protect, heal our people as well as grow! Her magnitude is so regenerative, she manifests abundance with the twirl of her beautiful locs and fingers. When you cross her path, be prepared to behold abundance. 


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